Saint Michael's Catholic Church, Gorey

including St. Kevin's Church, Tara Hill

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A Helping Hand

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There is always a need for volunteers to serve as adult collectors, lectors, ministers of the Eucharist, and even such mundane tasks as laundering the church linen — all the cloths and towels needed for use in the church. We have a wonderful but small team who currently do this work, but because of illness and retirement we need a few more.

For more information contact John Woodbyrne, our sacristan, at 053 942 1117

Reading and Explaining the Word of God

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When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people, and Christ, present in his word, proclaims the Gospel. Therefore, the readings from the Word of God are to be listened to reverently by everyone, for they are an element of the greatest importance in the Liturgy. Although in the readings from Sacred Scripture the Word of God is addressed to all people of whatever era and is understandable to them, a fuller understanding and a greater efficacy of the word is nevertheless fostered by a living commentary on the word, that is, by the Homily, as part of the liturgical action. (General Instruction of the Roman Missal [GIRM], no. 29)

The Liturgy of the Word is to be celebrated in such a way as to favor meditation, and so any kind of haste such as hinders recollection is clearly to be avoided. In the course of the reading, brief periods of silence may be appropriate, accommodated to the assembled congregation; by means of these, under the action of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God may be grasped by the heart and a response through prayer may be prepared. It may be appropriate to observe such periods of silence, for example, before the Liturgy of the Word itself begins, after the First and Second Reading, and lastly at the conclusion of the Homily. (GIRM, no. 56)

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

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is an international voluntary Catholic organisation drawing inspiration and energy from the Gospels and Catholic social teaching and attempt to live the core values (Love of God and Love of our neighbour) through an action oriented programme, working directly with people in need.

Under the guidance of Sr. Rosalie Rendu DC, twenty-year-old student Frederic Ozanam and a few friends started the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Paris on April 23, 1833. His words from the 1800's still ring true today:

"The question which is agitating the world today is a social one. It is a struggle between those who have nothing and those who have too much. It is a violent clash of opulence and poverty which is shaking the ground under our feet. Our duty as Christians is to throw ourselves between these two camps in order to accomplish by love what justice alone cannot do."

The work of the society primarily involves person-to-person contact with people who have a variety of needs. In addition to direct assistance, we try to promote self-sufficiency, enabling people to help themselves. Any assistance offered by the Society is given in a non-judgemental spirit of compassion, based on the need of the individual or family.

The work that the Conference in Gorey carries out includes social housing at St. Joseph's Court, a clothes shop on St. Michael's Road, a second-hand furniture shop in McDermott Street (the old credit union), and educational assistance.

For further information please phone 087-092 3932, Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm

In an emergency phone 087 0923932