Saint Michael's Catholic Church, Gorey

including St. Kevin's Church, Tara Hill

picture of Michael the Archangel

St. Michael's Cemetery, Gorey and Kilcavan Cemetery, Tara Hill

The property of the Roman Catholic Parish of Gorey, these cemeteries are for the burial of deceased members of the parish, in accord with the beliefs, traditions and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. To achieve this purpose in a dignified and seemly manner, the use of these cemeteries is subject to governing and pastoral ordinances (as amended from time to time) by the Parish Authority, in accord with the provisions of Church Law.

The following documents may be helpful:

  1. Printable Booklet of general information about the cemeteries
  2. Cemetery Regulations
  3. Map showing the various sections of the cemetery
  4. Aerial view of St. Joseph's section showing the location of specific graves. There are no set rows as in the newer section, so the numbers on each grave and in the listings should help in finding a specific grave.
  5. List of those buried in the cemetery
  6. Sample Prayers of the Faithful suitable for the funeral Mass If these do not suit you may prefer to write your own prayers
photo of sign in cemetery with listing of graves

The following documents examine the history of the cemetery:

  1. Gorey Bridge Chapel by Michael Fitzpatrick
  2. History of The Chapel Yard by Michael Fitzpatrick
  3. Commemoration Service Address 16 August 2016 by Fr. Howell
photo of sign in cemetery with listing of graves